Text Box: Here are some helpful hints on how to order standard welded wire fabric.
Wire mesh is available in sheets or rolls.

Text Box: Wire Sizes – The size of the wire is given as a W number or a D number. Some meshes may also be ordered 
by gauge number.  W denotes a plain wire and D means deformed.  The number that follows the letter is the area 
of the wire in hundredths of a square inch.  For instance, a W10.2 wire would be a plain wire with a cross sectional 
area of 0.102 square inches while a D7.4 would indicate a deformed wire with a cross sectional area of 0.074 
square inches.  (It should be noted that wire can be drawn to the exact area required which eliminates 
“oversteeling” and excessive costs.)

Style – Spacing and size of wire in standard welded wire fabric are identified by “style”.  A typical designation 
is 6 x 12 - W16 x W8.  This denotes a welded wire fabric in which:  Spacing of longitudinal wires = 6”.  Spacing 
of transverse wires = 12”.  Size of longitudinal wires = W16 (0.16 sq.in.)  Size of transverse wire = W8 (0.08 sq.in.)

Dimensions – Linear measurements other than wire spacing included in the styles designation are as follows:

Width – Centre to centre distance between outside longitudinal wires.

Side Overhang – Extension of transverse wire beyond centerline of outside longitudinal wires.  When specific lengths of side overhang are needed, the length required on each side shall be given in inches.  [Example: 
(+ 1” + 3”) means 1” overhang on one side, 3” on the other.]

Overall Width – Width plus side overhangs. In other words tip to tip of transverse wires.

Length = Tip to tip dimensions of longitudinal wires.  The length dimensions always include end overhangs.

End Overhangs – Extension of longitudinal wires beyond centerline of outside transverse wires.  Standard 
end overhangs are a dimension equal to ˝ the transverse wire spacing.  Unless otherwise noted, standard end overhangs are assumed to be required and no end overhang dimensions need be specified.

               For other wire sizes, spacings and sheet sizes, contact your Davis Wire representative for availability.